Hand drawn black and white sketch

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Select the amount of people you would like drawn.

Send through the following information in the notes to Seller when checking out or you can email it to service@prettytimely.com if you prefer:

Brief: The more detail your brief the better result you will get.
Pose: How would you like the pose to be?
Outfits: Please note if custom jewelry/tatoos/props their will be additional cost due to the extra time to create this

Don't forget to send a good looking picture of your family or team at service@prettytimely.com. Once your brief is agreed and confirmed then your job will be placed in the queue. There is no refund for the work already done unfortunately as the time was spent already on it.

In 7 business days or less you will receive a mockup to review and sign off. Please note any changes requested can take up to 3 business days subjected to workloads and orders.

Poster size Printable PDF/jpg file. Changes include 2 rounds complimentary. Additional minor changes is additional $15 usd per new rounds after that. 

Please note we have never met you so require high resolution quality images. Ensure the photo is:

  • high resolution
  • sharp
  • no filter used
  • if you are wearing a hat or sunglasses and expect us to draw without one then ensure you send a photo that you are not wearing hat or sunglasses
  • Photo should be in the expression you want drawn. For example if you want to be smiling and send through a picture of you pouting. It will be drawn pouting. We need the photo in the expression you want. 

Unfortunately if you can not supply good photos we will not get the result you want and we may have to decline you job.

The design studio is open Mon to Friday. It is not open on weekends and public holidays. So please note if you order on the weekend you order will be processed on Monday.

No physical items will be shipped. You will be emailed the PDF file

Once work has commenced there is no refund. As you are paying for my time to illustrate this for you. If you have selected a digital file, please note, not all printers are equal. They all print differently and we are not responsible for the quality your printer outputs. We are more then happy to work with your printer spec. However their is no refund if you printer does not print the file properly - it is the printers responsibility to match the PDF supplied.



We highly recommend you print this yourself in your local country, our print partner can’t compete with the convenience and reliability of local FedEx Kinkos, Staples,  Officeworks, Snap printing etc... who can print faster and without shipping cost. 

We understand you may want us to manage the printing for you. Please visit the print options in our shop and add the print options to your purchase if you would like us to organise the printing for you. Please allow at least 2 weeks for printing and shipment. We are not responsible for late shipment as postal service is out of our control. You will be given a tracking number to track your delivery once it’s been shipped.

Below is the time it will take from sign off of the artwork to be sent to the printer
for printing and delivery.

USA and Canada: 5 to 14 business days

Rest of the world: 5 to 14 business days (Note: it may have to clear custom in your country)

Our print partner has print production in different countries. Your job will be sent to closest printer to your location. For example if you need this delivered in the USA it will be printed in the USA. If you are wanting it delivered in New Zealand, it will be printed with our print partner in the Australia. This allows us to offer more local prices and best time/prices for shipping.