Custom drawing FAQ

How does it work?

Have your very own special custom illustration for your special milestone from Wedding invitations, Guestbook alternative to Birthday Invitations or even Baby Shower. Or if you wanted to it as a special keepsake gift for someone that may everything.


  1. Select the type of illustration you want and how many people/pets that need to be drawn. Then select when you would like to see your first draft. 
  2. Depending on the product you have chosen. There is two choices. 1 fully customisable illustration and the other where only hair and Skin tone and minor clothes can only be changed. The product description will specify what can and can't be changed.
  3. Once you have purchased your item. Send through your pictures/brief to once your placed your order if the it can't be done in the notes
  4. Then in as little as 7 business (or earlier if your purchased rush order) you will receive a draft to review
  5. If there is no changes you can print from that file supplied or if you have for us toprint it will be sent to the printer on your behalf.
  6. If there is changes please allow 48 business hours for any changes. 2 round of changes are complementary. Any additional after this is $20usd. 
  7. Changes can only be minor. If it has to be redrawn to a new pose that is different to the original request or redrawn to a new photo as you prefer us to use another photo of your face this will be considered a new illustration
  8. If you have a special request please send it to and someone will get back to as soon as possible with quote.

No, just send through the outfit you want to be drawn and even a pinterest hairstyle sample and we will do the rest

Please note we rely on your picture so it's very important the picture you send through is good quality.

- High resolution photo that shows your features properly
- Natural daylight
- No filter used
- photo that shows all your face and hair. No cropped in selfies or wearing sunglasses and hats



Once work has commenced there is no refund. As you are paying for the time to illustrate this for you. Not all printers are equal. They all print differently it is the responsible of the printer for the quality they print. The files are high resolution PDF files set for printing the size you need. Please check your printers spec and ensure you supply the spec for us to ensure best outcome so we supply the right format file for your printer. There is no refund if you printer does not print the file properly - it is the printers responsibility to match the PDF/Jpeg file supplied. If you have chosen a print and there is an issued such as it is damaged. Please get in touch. We want it to be perfect for you and would gladly reprint it at no extra cost!

Your artwork will be emailed to you if you have chosen a Digital File. If you have chosen a print a proof  will be emailed to you first for sign off before it will be authorised to print. Make sure you check properly it is correct as once it is signed off and printed there is no refund on the print. If it needs to be reprinted there will be additional cost. 

If you selected a print out please note Delivery times to ensure you have enough time to receive your print

Any company that others professional office printing in your Country. In the USA it would be Fedex, Staples, Office depot. For Australia Snap printing, Office works or Kwikopy are all good options

The design studio is open Mon to Friday. It is not open on weekends and public holidays. So please note if you order on the weekend you order will be processed on Monday.

Once work has commenced there is no refund. As you are paying for my time to illustrate this for you. If you have selected a digital file, please note, not all printers are equal. They all print differently and I am not responsible for the quality your printer outputs. I am more then happy to work with your printer spec. However their is no refund if you printer does not print the file properly - it is the printers responsibility to match the PDF supplied.


Please allow at least 2 weeks to have this done on time if you would like it printed. Allow at least 3 business day to get your proof

Below is the time it will take from sign off of the proof the following printing and delivery.
USA: 7 business days
Rest of the wold: 5 to 12 business days as it may have to clear custom in your country

If this timeline does not work you can purchase the Digital file and print it at your nearest print shop. For a digital mockup it will take 7 business days. Then allow 48 business days for any changes. Business days means Mon to fri as the design studio is close on the weekend. If you need a rush digital mockup please enquire for additional cost.

SPEC FOR PRINT (if you have not selected Digital file)

Paper Type: 170 gsm Art paper
Color: White
Materials: Printed on premium matted artist-grade paper
Print Technique: Giclee printed with archival, acid-free pigment based inks
Care: Wipe with a dry cloth if needed


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Every effort has been made to represent the true colours but it may vary from screen to screen and printer to printer. This is a non-editable file. This is for a digital copy of the design only, and does not include paper or printing.

Please read our store policy carefully before making a purchase. By purchasing PrettyTimely products, you have read and agreed to our terms listed. Files are for personal use only and may not be commercially reproduced, resold or distributed.

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