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1. Select how many characters you want drawn. If it is 1 pet and 2 person this is 3 characters.

2. Select the pose from the chart

3. Select the digital format you need this for. For example if you want it as a welcome sign, then select Welcome sign

4. Select when you want to see your first draft.

5. Once you have placed your order you can upload your pictures/details or alternatively please send through the below information to  


      Once you placed your order email send through a lovely picture and the following information or you can upload it. Make sure you send through close up pictures of you both with the biggest smiles. 

      Brief: The more detail your vision you are hoping to achieve. Sample pictures will assist. We will try and match the fonts you want if we have it but if there if you have your heart set on a font we do  not have their may be additional cost as we will need to purchase the license to use it.

      Bride clothing: (upload pictures, if you do not have one wearing it is fine, a sample from pinterest is ok)

      Groom clothing:  Colour suit, bow tie or regular tie

      Your text: 

      Size: If you do not supply size you need it, we will format it to the size appropriate

      Object to be drawn with pose: Your purchase include 2 objects to be drawn. Additional cost if you want more then 2 objects.

      Please note Business hours is Monday to Friday. The Design Studio is closed on the weekend. To assist you in planning your time do factor in at least 3 business for any changes if you need any.



      • Printable PDF of illustration (1 card/poster)
      • custom illustration based on the amount people/pet you have paid for in the pose selected

      2 complimentary round of changes. Additional changes after that the cost is $15 usd per new draft.


      Please ensure you send the photo you want your illustration to be base it on. If it has to be redrawn as you prefer another picture me to use it will be considered as another illustration and cost as new illustration. There is no refund for the work already done unfortunately as the time was spent already on it.


      We will review your photos and let you know if they don’t work. Your job will not be placed in the queue until we approve your brief/photos supplied can be done. Below is a guide to help you when Submitting your photos

      • No filter used
      • High resolution
      • Needs to be Sharp
      • Avoid dark night time photos
      • If you are wearing a hat/sunglasses then expect to drawn without one then ensure you send a photo that you are not wearing hat/sunglasses
      • Photo should be in the expression you want drawn. For example if you want to be smiling and send through a picture of you pouting. It will be drawn pouting. We need the photo in the expression you want.
      • Your head and shoulder photo should NOT be taken from above of below and should work with the pose you want to be drawn in
      • You do not have to be wearing your outfits, photos of outfits can be sent separately



      We highly recommend you print this yourself in your local country, our print partner can’t compete with the convenience and reliability of local FedEx Kinkos, Staples,  Officeworks, Snap printing etc... who can print faster and without shipping cost. 

      We understand you may want us to manage the printing for you. Please visit the print options in our shop and add the print options to your purchase if you would like us to organise the printing for you. Please allow at least 2 weeks for printing and shipment. We are not responsible for late shipment as postal service is out of our control. You will be given a tracking number to track your delivery once it’s been shipped.

      Below is the time it will take from sign off of the artwork to be sent to the printer
      for printing and delivery.

      USA and Canada: 5 to 14 business days

      Rest of the world: 5 to 14 business days (Note: it may have to clear custom in your country)

      Our print partner has print production in different countries. Your job will be sent to closest printer to your location. For example if you need this delivered in the USA it will be printed in the USA. If you are wanting it delivered in New Zealand, it will be printed with our print partner in the Australia. This allows us to offer more local prices and best time/prices for shipping.

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      Every effort has been made to represent the true colours but it may vary from screen to screen and printer to printer. This is a non-editable file. This is for a digital copy of the design only, and does not include paper or printing. 

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