Top 5 Ways to Theme your Wedding Stationary

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For many of us, we have dreamed of what our wedding days will look like – the cake, the dress, the location…. But more often than not the finer details of the day such as the save date cards, invites, place-cards, program card and napkin wraps are often the after thoughts amongst the 50 000 other decisions you have to make for the day.

Gone are the days of ‘write your own stationery’ where you had only a few designs to choose from and you had to hand write names and messages (yes some of us were apart of the generation that used to actually write). Most invites these days are very personal and play a big part in portraying your personality as a couple. It is your bridal brand. It can set the tone of the wedding - be it formal, casual, traditional, religious, bohemian….etc.

So how do you decide how to your brand your wedding day with so much choice? Here are 5 tips to help you decide:

    1. Mia Famiglia: I have a friend who has a bi-racial background and her father is Hungarian. She grew up around around the traditional Hungarian embroidery floral design of ‘Kalocsa’ and wanted to somehow include this in her wedding day. For her spring time wedding – including this bright and colourful design on all stationery elements was perfect for her wedding. Now we are not asking you to go out and raid your Mum and Dad’s linen cupboards but think about about elements from your parents or grandparents history or cultural backgrounds that you both love. For most our us our families are a big part of our lives and will play a big part of day – if your family is your inspiration, I’m sure they will be proud to see family legacies come to life.
    2. Destination destiny: choosing destination style wedding stationery is more than choosing invites based on where you are getting married. Of course it makes sense if you are getting married in Bali to incorporate that 350-year-old Javanese ‘joglo’ pavilion feel into your bridal brand, but it is also important to consider other destinations that are or have been important to you and your partner. It might be that city where you first met, it might represent that big international move you made as a couple, it might even be that dream destination that you both didn’t quite get to. Choosing a destination brand doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire theme of your wedding but it might be a good way to represent a part of your story as a couple.
    3. Oh you two: For those that thrive in the private realms of life and social media – having you and your partner sketched or interpreted via illustration might be the last thing you would think of. However, a tasteful and personally custom designed digital drawing of you two that captures your unique style is a great way to be memorable and extremely personal. After all this day is about you two and what better way to capture your love than an actual physical drawing of it. Also there is no way anyone will ever have the same bridal brand as you – a custom illustration is like your couple thumb print! Uniquely you two in every way.

    4. Feeling artistic? Just like the being inspiring by your family, you might have an iconic piece of art that you bought together or an artist that sums up your personalities or emotions towards each other. Raf Simons former creative director of the House Dior thrived on designs by artists such Sterling Ruby for his iconic couture collections. You don’t need to create the art – someone else has probably done this for you. You and your partner have the runway on this occasion.
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    5. Passion breeds passion: Do you as a couple have a hobby or passion that you both share? Why not create a custom illustration that incorporates these passions? I’ve known couples who have included all kinds of passions into their wedding day – trail running, cycling, football, dogs or charities they both volunteer for. Incorporating these kinds of icons into your bridal brand will allow your guests to learn something new or different about you both. It can also serve as a talking point amongst guests whilst waiting for the ceremony or reception (particularly for those who are meeting each other for the first time).

    Whatever you choose your bridal brand to be, the moral of the story is to choose something that is uniquely you. Its about going beyond what ‘looks nice’ or is ‘in fashion’. After all, something that comes from your heart and soul is something genuine and true – it will never go out of fashion and it will be something your guests will appreciate.

     Written by: Elizabeth tosolini