Welcome Signage: Roaring 20s

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Select how many characters you want drawn. If it is 1 pet and 2 person this is 3 characters. Then select when you want to see your first draft. Once you have placed your file please send through the below information to


ake sure you send through close up pictures of you both with the biggest smiles. 

Bride clothing:
Groom clothing:
Your text:

Please note Business hours is Monday to Friday. The Design Studio is closed on the weekend. To assist you in planning your time do factor in at least 48hrs for any changes if you need any.


  • Printable PDF for you to send to your printer

2 complimentary round of changes. Additional changes after that the cost is $15 usd per new draft.

Once you have placed your order, please email service@prettytimely.com and send through a lovely picture and the following information. 


Please ensure you send the photo you want your illustration to be base it on. If it has to be redrawn as you prefer another picture me to use it will be considered as another illustration and cost as new illustration. There is no refund for the work already done unfortunately as the time was spent already on it.